Our mission

We are the organization that helps you fulfill your goal of working or settling down in the USA. We make this journey a simple and pleasant process so you don’t have to feel frustrated and waste your valuable time dealing with bureaucratic paperwork.

A group of professionals from different areas will advise and guide you throughout the several processes required to obtain your Visa. 

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Our great team of:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Realtors
  • Investment advisers
  • Financial consultants
  • Consultants in economic feasibility studies.

Jointly, we will look for the best options for you to achieve your goal.

Liderado por el Dr. Eduardo Pérez Guerrero que arribará a la mejor solución integral que se adapte a sus necesidades particulares.-

 Alongside the professionals in each area, we apply the rules of law to each particular situation.

Once you consult with us, our team assess your case with the endorsement of immigration lawyers, and submit it depending on the different possibilities. Then, we monitor the process closely so you can achieve the best result.

How can we help you?

Just like all the cities of the US, the marvelous city of Miami is appealing and provides endless possibilities to those who want to emigrate to this superb country.

Especially for Argentinians, the “Magic City” is a dream place and that’s why we may help you to make that dream come true.

Do you want to invest? We can provide advice according to your capital, know-how and expectations.
Formación de empresas, apertura de cuentas bancarias, asesoramiento impositivo.

¿Va a comprar su casa? Nuestros agentes en bienes raíces lo ayudarán a buscar el mejor lugar para usted y su familia, el barrio, el colegio todos aquellos parámetros que deben ser tenidos en cuenta al momento de pensar en emigrar. –

Are you applying for a Visa? Our professional team will develop several strategies to define which one is the most suitable for you: Work Visa, Investor Visa, Religious Worker Visa, Visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability. All the options available will be assessed to find out which one of them suits your life project in the US.
We will assist you from day one and throughout the complete migratory process. Once you have settled in the US, our team is available to provide you advice in the different stages until you have adapted to live in this country.
Una red de contención organizada para facilitar el proceso migratorio con el Dr. Eduardo Pérez Guerrero como cara visible de una gran cantidad de profesionales que lo guiarán para que llegue a obtener su visa legal , trabajo o residencia dentro de USA:
In our offices in Argentina, you may find within reach the aid you need to make the migratory process accessible.